Integral Logistics Management — Operations Management and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies

4.1.1 Terms in Business Process Engineering: State and Event, Core Competeny and Core Process

Intended learning outcomes: Present concepts in business process engineering and management, state and event. Differentiate between core competencies and core processes of a company.

Figure shows terms used in business process engineering. Cf. Section 1.1.1.

Term Word origin, definition Related terms
state, statusmode or condition of beingquality; the way things stand
eventsomething that happens; archaic: outcomeoccurence
core competencysignificant or crucial ability, capability, or skill
core processa process for which a company has competitive competencies
logistics systemcomprises logistics tasks, functions and methods, processes, states, flow, and its trigger event. Has its order and process management

Fig.         Concepts in business process engineering and management

Looking at the pair of terms state and event, we see that each task or subprocess describes an action state within the whole process, in which the goods being processed (material or information) exist. Between two tasks or subprocesses, there is a transition. If processing does not continue immediately, the transition ends in a waiting state. An example would be a buffer or an in-box in an office. The event is then a special process through which a person or a sensor registers the waiting state and then triggers the next process or task.

It is generally easier to identify the core competencies of a company than to derive core processes from them. A core competency may consist in a function that occurs in various business processes that themselves do not have to constitute core processes. Also, other functions of the business processes do not have to be core competencies. Indeed, it is not always easy to distinguish between important and less important business processes.

A logistics system is like an independent supplier, responsible for fulfilling the order itself.

The following animation shows terms used in the engineering of business processes. It also refers to definitons given in Fig.
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