Integral Logistics Management — Operations Management and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies

18.5 Keywords

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Course sections and their intended learning outcomes

  • Course 18 – Quality Management — TQM and Six Sigma

    Intended learning outcomes: Produce an overview on concept and measurement of quality. Explain quality management tasks at the operations level. Describe quality management systems.

  • 18.1 Quality: Concept and Measurement

    Intended learning outcomes: Produce an overview on the quality of processes, products and organizations as well as its measurability. Present the concept of quality measurement and Six Sigma.

  • 18.2 Quality Management Tasks at the Operations Level

    Intended learning outcomes: Produce an overview on the Deming Cycle (PDCA Cycle) and the Shewhart Cycle as well as the Six Sigma Phases. Present the phases of quality planning, control, assurance, and activation of the Deming Cycle. Describe the Six-Sigma phases of define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. Differentiate between continual improvement and reengineering.

  • 18.3 TQM (Total Quality Management) and Quality Management Systems

    Intended learning outcomes: Present standards and norms of quality management: ISO 9000:2015. Describe the optimization paradigm: models and awards for Total Quality Management. Produce an overview on audits and procedures for assessing the quality of organizations, as well as on benchmarking.