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9.6.1 Exercise: Factors That Influence People’s Acceptance of ERP Software

Intended learning outcomes: Describe for each area the factors that have the greatest effect on a person’s acceptance of ERP software.

Look again at Figure and recall the three main areas that have an influence on a person’s acceptance of ERP software. Please describe for each area the factors that have the greatest effect on acceptance. Does your personal experience match the findings presented in Figure Please discuss this with your colleagues.


a.    Personal features: In this area, general knowledge of data processing and experience and support from colleagues have the highest impact on acceptance.

b.    Support for employees during implementation: In this area, the most important factor is being informed of the reasons for implementing the ERP software. Other factors that influence employee acceptance are duration and breadth of training and satisfaction with training. Also important are cooperation between departments, planning and organization, and time to learn the software aside from normal daily work activities during the implementation phase.

c.    User’s opinion of the ERP software: From the user’s point of view, the most important factor is whether the user feels that the adopted software is generally suitable for his or her own work. Another factor with high impact is the “scope for action,” meaning that the software gives users the freedom to decide the order in which they perform their tasks and the sequence of activities within each task.

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