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8.2.2 The Chocolate Production — An Example of a Processor-Oriented Production Structure

Intended learning outcomes: Describe the production structure in chocolate production. Explain the various manufacturing steps and stages in chocolate production.

In the process industries, the conventional production structure consisting of bills of material and routing sheets (see Section 1.2.2 and Section 1.2.3) has been replaced today, as mentioned above. Close examination of the new structure in current use reveals it to be a more generalized form of the conventional bill of material and routing sheet concept. See also [TaBo00], p. 178 ff., [Loos95]; and [Sche95b].

Figure shows, as an example, a typical production structure in chocolate production.

Fig.        A process train, here in chocolate production.

The first stage of processing consists of rolling the raw material between rollers, conching[note 803], and filling. The resources consumed during rolling are the cocoa mass, the machines required, and power. This stage results in an intermediate product, in this case a chocolate mass that is subsequently used for further processing. The by-product is broken chocolate.

The second stage consists of the processes of producing the flavored mass, filling, and packa­ging. The primary product is the packed, semifinished, flavored product (again a cho­colate mass). By-products such as broken chocolate and energy (heat, steam) are also produced. In addition to the material used, the consumed resources include capacity and equipment.

Exercise: Explain the various manufacturing steps and stages in chocolate production
The following animation illustrates the process of manufacturing chocolate. The entire process is divided into three stages, each separated by a storage step. This allows the schedules to be set up individually for each stage and permits the selection of technologically and economically appropriate processing volumes for the individual stages.
(Sincere thanks go to Chocosuisse - - for providing both comprehensive information and photographs).

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