Integral Logistics Management — Operations Management and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies

17.4.2 Objects for Lot Control

Intended learning outcomes: Describe the objects for lot control in inventory management.

Figure shows the objects used for lot control (see Section 8.2.3).

Fig.       Objects for lot control in inventory management.

The objects introduced in Section 17.4.1 must therefore be supplemented with the two objects charge and completed resource transaction. The latter object is still associated with traditional order administration. Transactions are not only used for legal reasons. They also ensure data integrity and are used in statistics concerning inventory transactions.

With this model, the structures of the two objects on-hand balance and order increase in similarity: in fact, the charge may also be regarded as the re-identification of an order ID. Placing a charge in stock simply means placing a production or procurement order in stock, where it remains identifiable as such.

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