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12.8.1 Exercise: Projected Available Inventory Calculation

Intended learning outcomes: Calculate projected available inventory by completing a grid.

This exercise refers to Subsection 12.1.2.

Complete the grid in Figure

Fig.       Projected available inventory calculation

a.    What is the available inventory without any restrictions along the time axis?

b.    What is the additional available inventory after order 102 9538?

c.    Which receipt could be deferred?

d.    Furthermore, the following orders are planned:

  • Customer order ID 104 2158 of 500 units on January 20
  • Stock replenishment order ID 104 3231 of 500 units on January 22

Does this situation lead to a problem? If so, how can it be solved?


a.    50
b.    300 (= 350 – 50)
c.    Stock replenishment order ID 101 2897 could be deferred to Jan. 14.
d.    Yes, there will not be enough available inventory on Jan. 20. Expedit­ing order ID 104 3231 by at least two days could solve this problem.

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