Integral Logistics Management — Operations Management and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies

19.4 Keywords

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Course sections and their intended learning outcomes

  • Course 19 – Systems Engineering and Project Management

    Intended learning outcomes: Explain systems engineering. Disclose project management.

  • 19.1 Systems Engineering

    Intended learning outcomes: Explain systems thinking and the top-down approach. Describe phases of life of a system and the system life cycle. Present in detail the problem solving cycle. Disclose the differences between software engineering and classical systems engineering.

  • 19.2 Project Management

    Intended learning outcomes: Present goals and constraints of a project. Describe project phase, project life cycle, and work breakdown structure. Explain scheduling and effort planning as well as organization of a project. Differentiate between cost, benefits, profitability, and risk of a project.

  • 19.3 Summary