Integral Logistics Management — Operations Management and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies

2.7.3 Exercise: Comparing Different Business Relationships in a Supply Chain — A Recapitulation

Intended learning outcomes: Differentiate between strategies for the traditional market-oriented relationship, the customer-supplier partnership, the partnership relationship with intensive cooperation, and the virtual enterprise.

The animation below sums up the four business strategies along a supply chain mentioned in Section 2.2.2, Section 2.2.2b, Section 2.3.1, and Section 2.3.7.

By clicking on the four indicators you get the respective details for the different target areas quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility, as well as the entrepreneurial cooperation in the supply chain.

Please note the wording that stems from an earlier version, as follows.

  • "traditional customer-supplier relation" instead of traditional market-oriented relationship,
  • "supply management" instead of customer-supplier partnership,
  • "supply chain management" instead of partnership relationship with intensive cooperation,
  • and "virtual organisation" instead of virtual enterprise

Adaption of this interactive element is still pending.

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