Integral Logistics Management — Operations Management and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies

Chapter 12 – Deterministic Materials Management

Intended learning outcomes: Produce an overview on demand and available inventory along the time axis. Describe deterministic determination of independent demand. Explain in detail the deterministic determination of dependent demand (Material Requirements Planning, MRP). Differentiate various lot sizing techniques. Disclose how to analyze the results of the MRP.

Section 12.3.2: MRP — Material Requirements Planning Technique and Planned Orders

Intended learning outcomes: Disclose a schematic representation of the MRP technique. Explain the determination of net requirements and batch sizes, using an example.

Exercise: Compare the effects of the MRP technique compared to the order-point technique by chosing different values for the parameters as well as the monthly gross requirements.

Case Study for Chapters 11 and 12

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